Spring is Almost Here, Let the Bird-Watching Activities for Kids Begin

spring bird watching activities for kids

It’s been a cold winter, and just about everyone is going to be glad to see the temperatures finally go back up – and that most definitely includes the birds! In the next month, we’ll see hundreds of bird species returning to our parks, forests, and backyards. That makes for a great opportunity to get kids interested in our feathered friends!  

Nature Watch can help you perform bird watching activities for kids and find that balance between the natural world and the electronic realm that has taken hold of today’s youth. As the weather warms up, instead of watching screens of angry birds, check out these innovative ways to get children outdoors and learning to identify a variety of real bird species.

Four Bird Watching Activities for Kids:

1 – Make Your Own Birdfeeder Kit

If the birds aren’t coming to your backyard or nearby park, maybe they just need a little encouragement. Made entirely from recycled or reclaimed wood, children can assemble a quaint birdfeeder which can be hung anywhere, and filled with seed to entice birds to visit. This is a great bird watching activity for kids that can be completed indoors as well while you’re anxiously awaiting the big thaw. The physicality of assembling a birdfeeder is a way to support motor skills, and the accomplishment of completion is a positive boost for kids.

2 – Backyard Birds Poster

Kids can’t birdwatch without knowing what they’re watching for. Introduce a beautiful poster that showcases dozens of birds across North America.

As birds are drawn to your newly built birdfeeder, they can reference the poster listed with both their common and their scientific name. They can begin to recognize common birds in the area and start to reference the different species as they see them in the wild.

3 – Audubon Bird Call Kit

If the birds aren’t flocking to your feeder, why not call them to dinner! Young children love making noise and seeing the effects (typically on those around them.) So, let’s put these talents to good use. Nature-Watch offers a unique kit that has everything you need to put together an official Audubon bird call. Kids will learn how to mimic the sounds of birds, and watch as they are drawn to their familiar calls. Teachers or scout leaders, you can order our class pack or larger group kits which include enough materials to assemble 25 or 100 bird calls.

4 – Birdsong Identiflyer Lyric

Some kids may be reluctant to put down the gadgets, but we have the perfect bird watching activity for them as well.

A Birdsong Identiflyer is a handheld device that plays back the calls of many birds, along with a playback mode that helps children learn which birds make which calls. It can also be expanded with extra sets of calls to allow for even more advanced bird call know how!

Embrace the Natural World With Nature Watch

Nature Watch encourages children of all ages to get in touch with their natural surroundings! With activities that foster a love of the outdoors and environmental sciences that can be initiated indoors and out, educators trust Nature Watch to provide the most engaging crafts and accessories to make learning fun.  Click here to see our full range of nature education materials, books, and other teaching tools, including all of our bird watching activities for kids.