Nature Education Themes

New Products!

New Products!

Nature-Watch offers new products throughout the year.  Be sure to check out what's new at Nature-Watch!

Web Only Items

Web Only Items

The Nature-Watch printed catalog is filled with items designed to help you teach kids all about nature. In addition to the items in our catalog, we have special "web-only" products to help you complete your educational programs!

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

Educating children about renewable energy such as solar, wind, and hydro-electric is fun when you have the right tools to help you teach!  We offer an increasing number of products and kits designed to teach children about alternative forms of energy.


Animal Teaching Materials & Learning Products

Teaching kids about animals has never been easier….or more fun! From food chain activities to books, posters and displays about animals Nature-Watch provides many hands-on materials for teaching children about animals.

-Skull Replicas

Animal Skull Replicas: Bird & Reptile Replica Skulls

Nature-Watch offers a wide variety of museum quality animal skull replicas at affordable prices.  Skull replicas have been cast from specimens to ensure each and every detail.  If you don't see the skull you are looking for, contact us to find out if we are able to special order the skull replica you need!


Animal Track Stamps, Products & Activities

Animal tracking provides an incredible opportunity to teach children about animals and their habitats.  Nature-Watch provides an amazing assortment of animal tracking tools that will excite children while they learn.  Our activities and products will help teach children to identify animal tracks as they become expert animal trackers!


Bat Crafts & Activities

Bats are amazing creatures and there is so much to learn about Bats. Bats are mammals, they use sonar while they fly, they sleep upside down, and they can eat up to 5,000 insects per night. We offer a real bat skeleton display and a bat educators kit.


Bird Crafts & Activities For Kids

Fly into our Bird theme and you will find products that teach children about bird orders, birdsongs, and raptors. You will see our bird skull replicas and resin bird tracks. We also carry the Birdsong Identiflyer and many other interesting products that teach children about birds.


Butterfly Learning & Teaching Products About Butterflies

The butterfly life cycle: from egg to larva and then to Pupa and finally to an adult - is an incredible life cycle that makes for great study. Nature-Watch offers live butterfly kits as well as butterfly life cycle posters, puzzles, rubber stamps and much more about butterfly metamorphosis.

Dinosaurs, Fossils, and Archaeology

Dinosaurs, Fossils & Archaeology For Kids

From dinosaur footprints to dinosaur claws and dinosaur teeth, Nature-Watch offers replicas that help teach children about these incredible prehistoric beasts. We also offer fossil activities including trilobites and diving beetles and lots more.

Ecology/Going Green

Ecology, Environmental Education & Going Green For Kids

Renewable energy science kits, the water cycle and understanding groundwater are just a few of the "going green" activities Nature-Watch provides. Teaching children about Ecology and the Earth in the hope that they will become stewards of the environment.


Egypt Crafts & Activities For Kids

Hieroglyphics, the Rosetta Stone and Papyrus (real papyrus from egypt) make learning about the ancient egyptians come alive.


Kids Gardening Tools & Supplies

Kids sized gardening tools including Kids Shovels, Kids Rakes, Kids Hoes, Kids size gardening gloves and more.  In addition to gardening tools for kids Nature-Watch also offers gardening kits and supplies.  Nature-Watch also offers a complete school gardening curriculum for grades K-6.

Geology/Earth Science

Geology & Earth Science Projects & Activities For Kids

Break open geodes, and make your own compass activities are fun…while metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks help teach the basics. We also carry calcite, lodestone, and other great rocks and minerals.

Gold Rush/Pioneers

Gold Rush Crafts & Pioneer Activities & Projects

The days of '49 become real when you include "fool's gold" (iron pyrite), gold pans and balance scales in your Gold Rush activities.


Insect Crafts & Bug & Spider Activities

Insects are fascinating and children love to learn about insects! You can start with major insect orders, then discuss beneficial insects and harmful insects or perhaps even aquatic insects. Insect metamorphosis makes a great topic too. Nature-Watch even offers a firefly craft that young entomologists will learn from and enjoy.

Life Cycles

Life Cycle Activities, Crafts, Kits & Learning Materials

Nature-Watch provides many unique educational tools that help teach children about the life cycle. Life cycle of the butterfly, frog life cycle and honey bee life cycle are just a few of the cycles of life that are included.


Mammal Learning & Craft Products

Mammal books and mammal videos as well as real mammal skeletons are all resources that will help you teach about mammals. We also have a great Mammals poster and more.



Multicultural music using all natural musical instruments connects culture, art and nature in one multi-themed activity.

Native Americans

Native American Indian Educational Materials

Nature, culture and archaelogy come together when you study Native American Culture. If you are looking for Indian arrowhead replicas made from real stone, you can find our low priced replica arrowheads here.  Many scout leaders use our hand-chipped arrowheads for their Arrow of Light Awards. (Pack of Arrowhead Replicas)

Nature Exploration

Nature Exploration & Environmental Education Crafts & Activities

If you are looking for general materials that help teach kids about nature, here you will find nature books, compasses and other tools that teachers can use to teach children about nature.

Oceans & Sea Life

Learning About The Sea & Ocean Sea Life

Nature-Watch offers fantastic learning materials geared toward teaching about the ocean and marine life. You will find seashells, shark tooth necklace kits, real shark jaws, replica teeth and also ocean books, ocean games and a fish poster.

Optics, Lab & Field Aids

Science Education Optics

Bug boxes, bug viewers and bug jars as well as magnifying glasses, kids binoculars and kids microscopes are the best way to see nature up close! Binoculars for kids allows for great bird watching and bug jars with magnifying lids enables kids to view bugs and other creatures.

Outdoor Living Skills

Outdoor Living Skills & Wilderness Survival

Outdoor living skills are important for survival in the wilderness. Teach children how to build a shelter, purify water, identify dangerous plants and animals and more!


Owl Pellets, Owl Education Materials, Activities & Kits

We carry natural owl pellets and synthetic owl pellets for your owl pellet dissections. If you are studying the owl food chain we have an owl food chain activity kit and an owl food web poster. We also have a great owl pellet and prey display. (Owl Pellets)


Pirate Crafts, Activities & Pirate Learning Materials

Ahoy Mate! Pirates are just plain fun to learn about and Nature-Watch offers metallic pirate coin replicas. Our pirate coin replicas are stamped in metal and look and feel like real pirate coins.


Rainforest Crafts & Activities For Kids

Rainforest ecosystems are fascinating and Nature-Watch has rainforest projects that inlude tagua nut slices. Tagua nuts come from the rainforest and each child can decorate their own real tagua nut slice.

Reptiles & Amphibians

Reptile & Amphibian Learning Materials

Real turtle shells, skull replicas and skeleton displays and a number of items that help teach children about the frog life cycle highlight this theme. Turtle shells that are real make for great study!

Science Exploration

Science Experiments, Kits & Exploration For Kids

Looking for hands-on science materials? Here's a collection that includes books and games as well as some great science kits for kids. Hands-on science is fun and educational!



We offer products and activities that help children investigate healthy plant requirements for proper soil texture, ideal levels of soil pH, and nutrients.  Understanding the science inside the soil provides so many important lessons for young scientests.

Space and Astronomy

Space, Astronomy & Solar System Activities & Kits

Nature-Watch provides some "out of this universe" space and astronomy products including kids books about space, solar system books for kids, and even a make your own sundial kit.

Trees, Plants, Seeds

Trees, Plants, Seeds

Our most popular theme for so many of our customers, this theme includes tree cookies (sometimes called tree disks or tree discs) and so many great items that enable you to easily teach children about trees, plants and leaf shapes and arrangements. We also have leaf rubber stamps, a pressed leaf coaster activity kit, leaves and seeds of common trees. Note: tree cookies can't be eaten! (Tree Cookies)



It is imperative that students understand the importance of the water cycle and water quality as they learn about ecology.  From groundwater and watersheds to learning about polluted water, Nature-Watch offers great tools and models to teach children about water and water testing.


Weather Experiments, Activities & Learning Materials

Nature-Watch makes it fun to learn about the weather. We even have an activity kit that teaches kids about cloud formations and weather prediction. If you are looking to teach kids about weather or teach children about cloud formations this is the theme for you.