Engaging STEM Curricula and Classroom Activities for Teachers

At Nature Watch, we love seeing kids get excited by science, the environment, and the outdoors – which is why we sell kits designed to give educators new and innovative ways to introduce STEM activities and concepts in the classroom.

The best time to get people excited about the sciences is when they’re still in school!  Kids are naturally fascinated by the world around them, and it’s easy to foster that enthusiasm towards an interest in STEM activities and subjects.

Four Engaging Kits For Teaching STEM Activities To Young Students

1  – Physics Workshop Matter & Energy Kit

The great thing about the matter and energy kit is how many different activities it can be used for, with a building kit that can create a wide variety of simple machines.  Children can build a windmill, an airplane, a pinball game, and more.  Each one reinforces basic scientific principles of energy usage, as well as being a great engineering exercise.

2 – The Teaching Tank

The teaching tank is a fully transparent acrylic tank with an open top, which is perfect for observing STEM activities that usually go unseen.  It offers educators a lot of potential because it can be used for everything from observing root growth to hosting an ant colony.  You also get a big book of suggested STEM activities.

3 – Hydropower Renewable Energy Science Kit

There’s a good chance the children of today will live to see the end of fossil fuels as a primary energy source, and that’s all the reason you need to start introducing them to renewables! This hydropower renewable energy science kit allows them to explore all the ways hydro-power can be utilized, and they can even build a scale-model working hydroelectric dam!

It also makes a great pair with our Wind Power 3.0 Science Kit, which allows students to build a working wind turbine complete with electric generator.

4 – GeoVision Micro Pro Elite Microscope Set

There’s probably no piece of scientific instrumentation which is more iconic than the microscope, and our GeoVision Micro Pro puts professional grade equipment in your classroom.  You’ll get many years of scientific investigation, and power settings up to 900x will make it genuinely useful for student research.

Nature Watch: Your Resource for STEM Activities for Kids

Nature Watch encourages children of all ages to get in touch with their natural surroundings! With activities that foster a passion for environmental sciences, educators trust Nature Watch to provide the most inventive crafts and accessories to make learning fun.  Click here to see our full range of nature education materials, STEM activities, books, and other teaching tools. And contact us to learn more about our classroom resources.