Spring To Life: Insect and Amphibian Life Cycle Learning

life cycle activities for children and students

Springtime has been revered throughout history as a time of renewal and rebirth.  This is reflected in the animal kingdom as well, with many types of critters – especially insects and amphibians – starting their own unique transformational life cycles in the spring.  Thanks to this, it’s a great time of year to teach children all about metamorphosis through life cycle activities!

At Nature Watch, our educational products, craft kits, and life cycle activities are aimed at helping children get excited about the natural world.  We offer materials that engage kids while teaching them about the amazing variety of natural life cycles.

For example…

Our Life Cycle Activities for Children & Students:

Life Cycle Figurines

life cycle figures and figurines

These realistically-molded toys are replicas of each stage in the life cycle of various insects.  We have Honey Bees, Praying Mantids, Ladybugs, Ants, Butterflies, and Frogs!  Besides being lifelike replicas, they’re a great way for children to get “hands on” with aspects of insect life cycles that are typically hidden from human eyes, such as ant eggs for example.

Life Cycle Displays

life cycle activities and displays

In need of the real thing and not just detailed replicas?  We have a collection of beautiful life cycle displays made of actual preserved creatures surrounded by impenetrable acrylic.  Even if dropped they won’t break, making them perfect as a fixture inside classrooms for years.  Choose from Cabbage Butterflies, Frogs, and Honeybees, as well as Beneficial Insects and Harmful Insects.

Life Cycle Activity Books

life cycle activity books for frogs

We have an entire library of activity books themed around life cycles.  Each one is chock full of information, pictures, illustrations, and activities for children to embrace.  An example of featured animals include Earthworms, Spiders, and Frogs.  Some of our literature is also in the popular comic book style that kids find entertaining as well as educational. Our Explore Life Cycles! book is the perfect easy reader series with large text and bold, bright imagery.

Eyewitness DVDs

video/DVD about amphibian life cycles

If you want to move beyond toys and books, these educational videos are full of amazing images with scientifically-accurate explanations of animal lives and life cycles.  Coming highly recommend is the Butterfly & Moth Eyewitness DVD and the Amphibian Eyewitness DVD that captures the species and brings you up close and personal with these life-cycles.  

Butterfly Garden Kits, Crafts & Projects

butterfly life cycle activities

The absolute best way to learn about the insect life cycle is to watch it unfold in real life. These complete Butterfly Garden Kits contain everything you need in a life cycle activity to raise a small group of butterflies, from caterpillars all the way to adulthood. From metamorphosis activities to starter gardens and feeders, kids will experience the entire life-cycle of the butterfly. To expand your butterfly collection Nature Watch offers coupons redeemable for five additional caterpillars, delivered right from the breeder.

Embrace Insect & Amphibian Life Cycle Activities With Nature Watch 

Nature Watch encourages children of all ages to get in touch with their natural surroundings! With life cycle activities that foster a love of the outdoors and environmental sciences that can be initiated indoors and out, educators trust Nature Watch to provide the most engaging crafts and accessories to make learning fun.  Click here to see our full range of nature education materials, books, and other teaching tools.