Children's Nature Product Categories

Nature Craft Kits

Nature Craft Kits

Nature-Watch offers 50+ nature craft kits for kids. Each nature kit comes with everything you need to assemble the nature craft and also includes an instructor's manual. Our nature craft kits are aligned to national and state education standards. Nature-Watch craft kits can only be found at Nature-Watch! Our nature craft kits for kids are educational and fun.


Educational Nature & Science Books

Nature books are a perfect addition to any collection. Many of our nature books are nature activity books which make them perfect books for nature instructors. Nature education books cover so many great topics: we have kids books about trees, ecology books for kids, and so many books for nature educators.

Books: Field Guides

Guide Books & Field Guides

Field guides are great resources for the outdoor nature educator and for kids who have a strong interest in a particular area of nature. All of our nature field guides are designed to be field guides for kids. Whether you need a tree field guide or a butterfly field guide you will find a wide selection of kids field guides here.


Science & Nature Curriculum & Lesson Plans

Integrated curriculums that  make it easy for schools, afterschool programs, homeschools, or educational camps to provide quality content for students without the expense of providing intensive training for staff, parents, or counselors.

Demonstrations & Experiment Kits

Demonstrations & Science Experiment Kits

Nature-Watch is all about hands on learning and these demonstration activities make learning about nature fun for kids. Whether you are preparing for an owl pellet dissection or searching for a live butterfly hatching kit to see the development from caterpillar to chrysilas to beautiful adult butterflies, this is an amazing collection of kids nature activities.


Animal, Insect & Nature Displays

Real turtle shells, butterfly metamorphosis displays, Honey bee life cycle displays, real snake skeleton or real bat skeleton displays, an ostrich egg, an aquatic insect display….the list goes on and on!

Field Aids

Field Observation Tools & Aids For Wildlife & Nature

Field Aids include: binoculars for kids, animal track bandanas, compasses for kids, insect nets, butterfly nets, and other great items that help kids learn about nature first hand.


Educational Nature & Science Games

Nature games for kids are a great way of teaching kids about nature because kids are learning about nature while they are having fun. Whether it's a nature bingo game like bird bingo or butterfly bingo or perhaps a nature-opoly game like earth-opoly or bug-opoly, they will love to play nature board games for kids.

Laboratory Supplies

Childrens Science Laboratory Supplies & Equipment

Bug boxes, bug viewers and bug jars as well as magnifying glasses and kids microscopes are the best way to see nature up close! Bug jars with magnifying lids enables kids to view bugs and other creatures. Our kids microscope allows kids to study nature really up close!

Musical Instruments

Natural Musical Instruments

Multicultural music using all natural musical instruments connects culture, art and nature in one multi-themed activity.

Mystery Packs

Nature Product Mystery Packages

Nature-Watch offers wonderful products that teach children about nature. We have brand new samples and open box returns that you can purchase at great bargains by ordering a Nature-Watch mystery pack.


Educational Teaching & Classroom Posters

Educational posters can really help the learning come alive. A picture is worth a thousand words and our nature education posters for kids will really help as children learn about these topics: butterfly life cycle poster, amphibians and reptiles poster, bird orders poster, insect identification poster, understanding trees posters and so many more.


Animal Puppets, Replicas & Figurines

True-to-life vinyl replicas and puppets serve as excellent learning tools.  A great way to introduce youngsters to animals they may never see first hand.  These are life-like and accurate reproductions, great for any nature educator.


Nature & Science Learning Puzzles

Kids nature puzzles are fun, but nature puzzles for kids are also educational. We offer a very popular butterfly life cycle puzzle, a rain forest layers puzzle and many other great puzzles that teach children about nature.

Rocks & Shells

Rocks, Minerals & Shells

Wonderful collections of natural materials to make the learning come alive. Fool's gold (iron pyrite) for the gold rush, lodestone (naturally magnetized), calcite, sea stars (starfish), real shark jaws, break open geodes and so many more!


Animal Skins & Hides

Many nature educators use real animal skins to educate people about animals. Real animal pelts allow for identification, compare and contrast and to learn about many of the adaptations of various North American animals.

Skulls, Bones, and Fossil Replicas

Skulls, Bones & Fossil Replicas

Replica animal skulls, replica dinosaur claws, trilobites, and dinosaur footprints - these are museum quality specimens that show intricate details. Kids' curiousity is sparked by high quality replica animal skulls and prehistoric replicas as well.


Nature T-Shirts & Recycled Glass Jewelry

Advice From Nature T-Shirts are a great addition to every nature educators wardrobe!  These beautiful shirts include wonderful messages about the animal or theme presented on them.  Advice from Nature T-shirts include advice from: Deer, Rattlesnake, Ladybug, Eagle, Owl, Dolphin, Wolf, Bear, Squirrel, Tree, Butterfly, Wildflower, Campfire & More.

Tracks, Prints, Stamps

Plant & Animal Tracks, Prints & Stamps

Animal tracking is a fantastic unit of study and our animal track rubber stamps or resin animal tracks are terrific teaching tools. Leaf rubber stamps and leaf rubbing plates help teach kids about leaf shapes and arrangements. If you are learning to track animals or identify leaves, this is a great category for you.


Animal & Nature Videos, DVDs & Videos

Nature-Watch offers children's videos about nature. Whether you are looking for a kids video about animals, a dvd that teaches kids about birds or a barn owl pellet video, Nature-Watch is sure to carry the kids nature video that you are searching for.

Younger Learners

Younger Learners

Nature-Watch offers a wonderful assortment of teaching tools that are perfect for younger learners!  Preschoolers love learning about nature and we provide tools that allow preschool teachers to teach young children about nature and science indoors and out.

Homeschool Nature Craft Kits

Homeschool Nature Craft Kits

Nature-Watch is a terrific resource for homeschoolers! We provide tools that help educators teach children about nature and science.  By providing easy to use Instructor's Manuals our Nature Craft Kits allow you to deliver the educational information in addition to illustrating how to assemble the craft.   As a homeschool parent, resources like these help make you a more effective teacher, while also making your job easier and more fun!

Educational Nature Projects

Educational Nature Projects

These educational craft kits make it easy to teach about nature and science, while also making a fun and cool craft! Kids will love getting to take home their own special project.