A Naturalists Valentine’s Day: Activities with Birds and Bees

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and that means everyone is interested in only one thing… the birds and the bees!

Of course, here at Nature Watch we take that pretty literally.  In many places, February is when winter starts to thaw so birds and bees start becoming easier to spot.  In particular, this is a great time to teach children about bees – some of our most important insect friends.  Bees are a vital part of the natural world, but they’re often misunderstood, or even feared, without good reason.

So here are a few ways to encourage kids to feel positively about bees!

Four Fun Activities That Introduce Children to Bees 

1 – Create a beehive

There’s no better way to help kids learn about bees than to encourage a face-to-face meeting.  Our “Turn This Book Into A Beehive” book shows children how to create a perfect home for Mason Bees – one of the most friendly and docile of all bee species.  They almost never sting, and even if they do, their stinger is so small that it can barely be felt.  

2 – Work with beeswax – and get a snack

One reason bees work so well alongside humans is that so many of the products they produce are useful.  You can reinforce this with our Honeycomb Candle Kit!  It starts off as a delicious honey-filled treat, and then the honeycomb is used to create working candles.  It’s a fun craft project that tastes great!

3 – Learn bee life cycles

Honeybee Life Cycle Figurines are a great way to teach about the circle of life and these figurines are larger than life which makes it easy for children to see the honeybee life cycle.  It includes well-modeled recreations of: eggs, larva, pupa, and adult bee.  They also pair well with our Honey Bee Life Cycle Display which shows the real thing!.

4 – Emphasize the importance of pollination 

Most countries in the world rely on bees and other pollinators to maintain our natural ecosystem – which is why it’s so important that bees are protected!  Our “Bees & Other Pollinators Pocket Naturalist Guide” is perfect for older learners and helps them identify these crucial creatures in their natural habitats. 

Nature Watch: Your Source for Activities That Teach Children About Bees

Nature Watch wants to make learning about nature fun!  If you have any questions about our educational toys, games, and activities, please contact us or request a catalog!