Getting Batty on Halloween and Year-Round

Bat Activities for Kids

Commonly associated with Halloween, bats are actually a very misunderstood species. Feared for all the wrong reasons (rabies, aggression, and of course vampires) the truth is that bats are a vital part of the ecosystem on nearly every continent on earth.  

Considering that many bat populations are now under threat from a variety of sources, from trap and disposal extermination to being “blinded” by noise pollution and environmental disturbances, it’s important that we educate children on the importance of bats, and why we should care for these winged creatures.

Nana-nana-nana-nana BAT FACTS!

The majority of bats are insectivores

Roughly 70% of the world’s 1,200+ bat species exclusively eat insects, and that’s an incredible benefit for everyone else.  Bats are estimated to save our farmers billions of dollars per year in pest control, as well as eating a lot of insects like mosquitos which are known to transmit disease. All one has to do is look at a bat’s skull (replica) to see how its teeth were evolved from eating tiny things.

Bats are important pollinators

While 70% eat insects, the other 30% of bats are almost entirely fruitarian – that is, they only eat fruit or nectar.  (Yes, vampire bats exist, but there are only three species of vampire bats in the entire world.)   In the meantime, all those fruit-eating bats are extremely important in spreading pollen from the plants they feed on. Nature Watch offers a book, “Life Cycle of a Bat” that goes into great detail about their feeding habits, and their importance to the ecosystem. A good read for kids and an even better lesson plan for educators.

Bats are bros

Yes, you read that correctly, bats are among the most friendly and communal of animals, living in huge colonies together.  They’re even one of the few species which are known to feed each other.  In many bat species, if one bat failed to have a successful hunt, other bats will voluntarily give up some of their food. (Now does that sound like a menacing beast to you?) Spread the love and let others know the good in bats with the Advice From A Bat T-Shirt, which emphasizes many of the positive qualities these unique mammals possess.

One of the best (and safest) ways to get to know bats is by seeing some up close (but not too close). Why not give kids the opportunity to perform bat activities for kids. For example, they could build their own Bat House, and invite some of these frequent fliers into your own backyard. 

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