Using Animal Replicas in the Classroom

Animal Skull Replicas

Teaching about animal biology and physiology can be an engaging lesson for young students. And the best way to get up close and personal (without getting bit, that is) is using replicas.  Replica parts are ideal for classroom lessons for a number of reasons including allowing children to touch and feel to get an in-depth look at the animals in the wild while avoiding allergens and hazardous situations that could otherwise jeopardize students.

Nature Watch offers a selection of replica teaching tools that mimic real-life such as:

Top Animal Replicas for the Classroom:

1 – Skulls

Skulls are universally fascinating. Aside from their macabre appearance, they can say a great deal about the evolution of a creature. As an organization that caters to the needs of educators, we carry a number of small scale and life-sized anatomically-perfect replica and replica parts for birds and animals including Tiger, Meercat, Panda, Bald eagle, Polar bear, Toucan, Rattlesnake, and Bat to name a few.

2 – Snakes

“Beautiful and dangerous” is a good way to describe snakes.  Kids love them because of their unusual mode of locomotion, and their many ways of killing prey – but you don’t want them handling most real snakes in the classroom. Fortunately, there are excellent replicas available, such as of the Amazon Tree Boa or the Kingsnake, allowing kids to interact with models of the real thing.

3 – Poisonous plants

So how do you teach about recognizing and avoiding hazardous plants without putting your students at risk?  With highly detailed vinyl replicas of course.  Nature Watch carries a four-piece toxic plant replica set which is ideal if you are taking students or scouts into the woods, or teaching wilderness survival.

4 – Claws and Paws

Tracking wildlife relies a lot on identifying an animal’s feet, claws, or pawprints. Nature Watch specializes in replicas of birds, rodents, small-medium sized wildlife and more. Extremities of animals including Opossum paws, Falcon talons, Raccoon paws, Wolf paws, and Bald eagle talons.

Nature Watch: Offering the Best Animal Replicas on the Web

From feathered and furry friends to dinosaurs that roamed millions of years ago, using life-like replicas in the classroom takes your lesson plan up a notch. Nature Watch encourages children of all ages to get in touch with their natural surroundings. With activities that foster a love of the outdoors and environmental sciences, educators trust Nature Watch to provide the most engaging replicas, crafts, and accessories to make learning fun.  Click here to see our full range of nature education materials, books, and other teaching tools.