Tree Rings - Tree Cookies - Tree-Mendous Activity Kit

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201 Tree Cookies (Tree Discs)
314a Tree-Mendous Leaf Cards
Nature-Watch Exclusive!

Our exclusive Tree-Mendous Kit helps kids learn to identify and explore a variety of different types of trees in your area. What do they look like? How do they grow? How old are they? How do leaves differ from one another and why? Why are we so dependent upon trees?

Ages 5 and up.

Unit Goals and Concepts:

  • Use all of the senses to increase awareness of diversity of trees.
  • Study the life history of trees by reading tree ring clues.
  • Identify leaves from different trees.
  • Create an art project with a tree disc.

Materials Included:

  • 25 tree discs (approximately 2"-3" each with drilled holes) and 25 necklace strings. Discs can be colored, wood-burned, sanded and decorated for lasting take-home memories. Tree discs are cut and drilled from tree trimmings.
  • Two decks of our exclusive Tree-Mendous Leaf Cards.
  • Books and other resource materials.
  • An instructor manual and activity guide, with a full curriculum that makes inspiring kids easy and fun.
  • The only materials you supply are markers, plus sandpaper (if desired).
    For groups larger than 25, simply order extra packs of tree discs.
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