Pressed Leaf Coaster Photosynthesis Activity Kit

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Nature-Watch Exclusive!

 Video: Step by Step Assembly

Compare and contrast leaf shapes and arrangements and discover one of nature's most amazing phenomena - photosynthesis (simplified for kids). Each participant will make and take a gorgeous pressed leaf coaster of their very own! Our kit includes everything you need - leaves, plexiglass, foil tape, and rubber feet.

Ages 7 and up. (5 & 6 year olds will need a little help with the foil tape!)

Unit Goals and Concepts:  

  • Identify the parts of a leaf and their functions.
  • Classify leaves and trees based of different criteria.
  • Create a leaf coaster using a variety of different leaves.
  • Understand photosynthesis (it's easy because we've simplified it for kids and included a worksheet for them to follow along with!)

Materials Included  

  • An assortment of leaves (usually Oak, Willow, Ginkgo, Rose, and Fern), plus all the other supplies you'll need for each participant to create a pressed leaf coaster.
  • Our exclusive instructor's activity guide that provides everything instructors need to teach about leaves, leaf shapes and photosynthesis, plus our reproducible activity sheet.
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