About Us

Welcome to the World of Nature-Watch!

At Nature Watch, we believe in experiential learning. We provide engaging, hands-on activities that stimulate the mind and ignite a passion for nature, conservation, and environmental science.

As former Summer Camp Directors and Early Education Administrators ourselves, we know what it’s like to work with children in a group setting. From these experiences we learned the importance of offering fun, educational projects that inspire young minds.

When children are immersed in a great activity, they don’t even realize they’re learning. While some refer to this as “disguised learning” – the education taking place is real. It’s tangible. And it’s powerful.

If children are having fun while participating in a project or a craft, a game, a puzzle, or an activity, they absorb the educational content with ease. They are simultaneously expanding their knowledge on a topic while enjoying the process. This kind of experiential learning is the guiding principle behind everything we stand for and offer at Nature Watch. We believe it’s meaningful and important. Children think it’s FUN!

Every project and product we create, or hand-select, is done so with this single question in mind – will it inspire children’s interest in nature and the world around them? Our kits, projects and products are successful because they help teach children to appreciate and love the natural world. It is our hope that by building an appreciation for nature in our youth, they will become stewards of our planet upon whom we will all rely to help ensure the future of our environment and planet Earth.


The Folks at Nature Watch