Butterfly Garden Starter

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Butterflies are important pollinators and they are beautiful for children (and adults!) to observe. Raising a butterfly friendly garden is fun, great for the environment, and educational. Here’s a great way to jump start your garden, even before spring arrives!

The Butterfly Garden Starter includes: seed mix from more than 20 different butterfly attracting plants that grow throughout the continental United States (click below to see a list of the plants), container “greenhouses” made from recycled water bottles (plus extra to hold the seeds), peat pellets (4 per greenhouse), and spoon-straw planting tools.

Simply soak the peat pellets for a few minutes and then plant the seeds. The spoon-straws make it easy to place the seeds into the center of the peat pellet and then to “shovel” the soil and bury the seeds. Put the lid on your greenhouse to keep in the moisture, and place near a window. Within 2-3 weeks your seeds will have sprouted and will be ready to plant in the garden!

Click here to see the list of plants included in the seed mix.

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