Forests Forever Activity Kit

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  • REAL Pinecones and Seedpods to compare and contrast!
  • REAL Pine Seeds to plant and take home! (seed included is typically Italian Stone Pine)
  • REAL Pine Nuts to taste!
  • Sprouts about 3-4 weeks after planting.
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x144z Pinecone & Seedpod Set (8-10 pieces)
Nature-Watch Exclusive!

The earth's forests are being depleted faster than they are being replenished. Deforestation is a major environmental issue as cities and roads have been built in areas that were once home to thriving forest ecosystems. This impacts not only the trees and plants, but also all of the wildlife that depend on the forest for their food. Children will become involved in replenishing the forests with this great activity!

This kit contains tree nuts. Please be aware of any participant who may be allergic.

Unit Goals and Concepts: 

  • Teach children about the importance of our forests.
  • Learn about germination and compare and contrast a variety of beautiful and unique seed pods and pine cones (they smell great too!)
  • Play a role in helping to replenish the forests by planting a Pine Tree seed.
  • Encourage children to care for their Pine trees until they become a sapling, and hopefully one day will replant it outside.
  • Eat pine nuts for a little "taste" of the forest.

Materials Included: 

  • All the materials you'll need for each participant to grow their very own pine tree. (Seed included is typically and Italian Stone Pine).
  • Our exclusive instructor's activity guide that provides everything you'll need to teach about forests and germination.
  • A real pine cone and seedpod set with 8-10 samples for comparing and contrasting.

To see a cone and pod identification sheet click here

Click here to view STEM Extensions and Next Generation Science Standards Alignment

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