Pinecone & Seedpod Set (8-10 pieces)

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This wonderful assortment of pinecones and seedpods from the forest includes 8-10 of the following (will vary based on availability):

  • Large Lotus Pod
  • Okra Pod
  • Immature Sugar Pine
  • Slash Pine Cone
  • Ponderosa Pine Cone
  • Austriaca Pine Cone
  • Spruce Cone
  • Diadora Cone
  • African Knob Cone
  • Muirii Cone
  • Sequoia Cone
  • Sugar Pine Cone (9"-12")
  • Redwood Cone
  • Salignum Cone

To see a cone and pod identification sheet click here

Perfect for comparing and contrasting...and they smell great too!

Please note: this is the same pinecone assortment included in our Forests Forever Activity Kit (#144).

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