Butterfly Pavilion Kit for Kids

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This kit includes a 24 inch mesh enclosure and a coupon to redeem 10 caterpillars.

Watch furry caterpillars grow into colorful, lively butterflies, then set them free. This butterfly kit makes it possible to study the caterpillar's transition as it matures, changes into a chrysalid, and finally emerges as a Painted Lady butterfly. Up-close observation and active participation ensure that this project will help you to grow brand new wings of learning! 3 out of every 5 larvae are guaranteed to become butterflies.

The Butterfly Pavilion includes a 24" mesh enclosure, fun-filled fact guide, detailed instructions, and a pre-paid coupon for 10 larvae. (Please note that the caterpillar farm requires submission of a $9.95 shipping/handling fee at the time that you redeem your coupon online. Allow 1-2 weeks for processing and shipping your caterpillars. Your caterpillars will arrive with nutrient and feeding materials.) 
Many customers ask us why they are purchasing a kit that contains a coupon instead of receiving their caterpillars directly from Nature-Watch. Like most educational supply companies, we are not experts at breeding the butterfly larvae. Instead, we work with a butterfly farm that specializes in raising and shipping the caterpillars. This ensures that when you receive your caterpillars you will be able to see a complete butterfly metamorphosis.  We hope this helps explain why you need to take the additional step of mailing your coupon to redeem your caterpillars.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Butterfly Kits

Please Note: Butterfly Larvae can NOT be shipped to Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Canada.

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