Butterfly Feeder Activity Kit

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Nature-Watch Exclusive!

Make a real working butterfly feeder disguised as a flower!

Kids love butterflies! They are beautiful, delicate insects that flutter through our gardens, schoolyards and camps in spring and summer. Not only are they fun to watch, butterflies also play important roles in their ecosystems. Butterflies are pollinators which make them important players in the food chain.  Our Butterfly Feeder Activity Kit is a great way to make learning about nature and science so much fun!

This kit comes with everything you need for each participant to make and take home their very own butterfly feeder.  Designed to look like a flower, each part of the feeder plays an important role in attracting butterflies. Hidden from view inside the green “stem” is a bottle that contains a liquid (non-toxic) butterfly attractant. The red color in the center of the flower is a special fabric that wicks the attractant upward and remains saturated with the attractant. The yellow die-cut flower petals (butterflies love yellow!) provide a safe landing spot for the butterflies to rest while feeding. Create the flower craft, then place it in your garden or near a window so that you can enjoy watching the butterflies as they land and eat from your feeder.

Our Nature-Watch Activity Guide provides everything instructors need to teach about butterflies and how they contribute to pollination. It also includes easy to follow directions for assembling the feeder. A wonderful project for kids ages 5 and up.

Please Note: a cap is included so that children can easily transport the project home without spilling the liquid attractant.