Let’s Go on an Egg Hunt

easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt activities are usually all about finding the candy, but they also present an excellent opportunity to educate kids about real bird eggs too! 

Since Spring is already such a great time for bird-watching, taking the opportunity to dye and hide eggs while teaching children about the different types of eggs birds lay, and how to identify them is both fun and educational.

At Nature Watch, we’re committed to helping our feathered friends thrive by engaging kids in the understanding and importance of conservation and fostering a love of the natural world. If they can’t wait for Easter-egg hunt activities, keep that interest alive well after the holiday and introduce other enjoyable activities that promote learning through play.

1 – Dare to Compare

Kids who’ve only seen chicken eggs in stores are frequently amazed at how many varieties of eggs are out there – including the various sizes and colors.  Our North American Eggs Display is a huge, eye-catching centerpiece that amplifies and illustrates the beauty of bird eggs in our country with thirty-six different genuine eggs on display. A smaller and more focused kit is the Eggs of North American Raptors Display, featuring a dozen examples of the most common birds-of-prey on the continent.

2 – An EGG-cellent Display

Kids are fascinated by large eggs, and they don’t come any larger than ostrich eggs – so why not have one available for kids to handle for themselves?  Nature Watch ostrich eggshell takes a hands-on approach to learning about bird-eggs, and the thick shell can withstand a lot of interaction. (Just don’t use it for an egg-toss.) Another impressive specimen is an emu eggshell  which is stunning in pictures, and even more amazing up-close.

3 – Read All About It

If you’re planning on leading children, students, or scouts into the wilderness for a field trip, prep in advance so they know what to look for.  We recommend our Birds, Nests, and Eggs Take Along Guide.  This kid-friendly book helps them identify 15 different types of birds and includes activity pages along with scrapbooking opportunities.

For older students or scouts, we’d suggest our Cornell Pocket Lab Guide to Nests and Eggs.  Compact enough to store for a hike, and packed with a lot of useful information, this resource is weatherproof as well.

4 – Bring Nature to You

If you have a lot of wild birds in your area, you can attract them to our Window Nest View Birdhouses for an up-close and personal view of winged wildlife.  With a clear acrylic backpiece, you’ll have a window into nest-building, egg-laying, and of course, the hatching of chicks.  Suction cups make this easy to mount on a window, allowing it to be easily viewed but without disturbing the residents inside.

Where a Love of the Outdoors Takes Flight: Nature Watch’s Easter Egg Hunt Activities

Nature Watch encourages children of all ages to get in touch with their natural surroundings. With crafts, kits, and books that foster an appreciation of the outdoors and environmental sciences, our bird and Easter egg hunt activities can be initiated indoors and out. Educators and parents trust Nature Watch to make learning fun.  Click here to see our full range of nature education materials, books, and other teaching tools, including all our bird watching activities for kids.