Animal Track Activity Kit

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205u Master Track Replacement Set
205z Animal Tracks (set of 16)
314c Amazing Animal Track Cards
Nature-Watch Exclusive!

Ever notice the expression on a child's face when an animal's footprint is pointed out in the dirt? It's that look of wonderment that inspired our exclusive Amazing Animals Activity Kit. This kit teaches kids to identify the various animal visitors around them. After you make tracks in the sand or dirt with the master tracks included in this kit, each person gets to mold their own track impression and take it home!

Ages 4 and up.

Unit Goals and Concepts:

  • Introduce participants to animal clues in the area
  • Increase awareness of animal life 
  • Show basic animal relationships 
  • Case and learn to recognize some specific animal tracks

Materials Included:

  • The master track set (including one each of coyote, rabbit, mountain lion and deer), which is made of super-strong, long-lasting resin for repeated use. (You can order tracks from other animals at the link below.)
  • Books and resource materials to help you identify tracks in the field.
  • Nature Watch's exclusive Amazing Animal Track Cards, which will help kids recognize animal tracks by making a game out of it.
  • Our exclusive instructor's activity guide that makes planning the project easy and delivers loads of fun ideas for activities, games and relevant projects.

Materials You Provide:

To see all of the additional animal tracks available from Nature Watch, click on "Animal Tracks (set of 16)" in the Refills or Additional Components section above.

Companion Book:

Looking for an educational storybook about animal tracks to introduce this kit to your students? Click here.

Whose Tracks Are These Book. Item Number 602w.

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