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Nature-Watch Exclusive!

Nature Watch has done it again! Remember playing with “Fortune Tellers” or “Cootie Catchers” (as many of us called them) when we were kids? We have taken that concept and created a completely original craft/game designed to teach children about Animal Track Identification.

Nature-Watch Activity Kits are fantastic! Each kit includes a unique, hands-on project for each participant to “make and take”, reinforcing the learning experience. Our kits come with everything needed to assemble the craft as well as a detailed Instructor’s Guide to help you deliver the educational component. Instructors appreciate the educational value and ease-of use of Nature-Watch Kits. Children think they are FUN! Our Animal Track Game Activity Kit is a perfect combination of a fun craft that children make into a game, which then teaches them how to identify animal tracks.

First, each participant creates their game – it’s really easy to do because we have “scored” the colorful 10” x 10” sheet for easy folding. Next, select 8 animal track stickers from the 12 included (choose from beaver, black bear, bobcat, coyote, deer, fox, opossum, mountain lion, rabbit, raccoon, skunk, and squirrel). Place track stickers on the 8 “question” panels and the corresponding animal name and image stickers on the “answer” panels. Play the game individually or with a friend and test each other’s knowledge. What a FUN way for kids ages 5 & up to learn about Animal Tracks!

Click here for Animal Track Game Instructions

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