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Celebrate art and culture from all corners of the world with this huge collection of inspired crafts. Create an Eiffel Tower in the style of the French Impressionists, build a complete totem pole, fold a nesting doll and more!  All around the world, different cultures create incredible art that cannot be found anywhere else.  The huge kit is a thoughtful collection of high-quality materials to help inspire kids through a worldwide love of art.

2 Cardstock Eiffel Towers (6x16", 15x41cm)
2 Decorative Boomerangs (5x12.5", 13x32cm)
5 Boomerang Stencils (7", 18cm)
2 Japanese Carp Windsocks (6x10", 15x26cm)
2 Nesting Doll Paper Chains (8x17.25", 20x44cm)
20 Nesting Doll Decals (up to 4x3.5", 10x9cm)
2 Color Diffusing Paper Sugar Skulls (6x8", 15x20cm)
2 Peel & Stick Totem Poles Bases (9x12", 23x30.5cm)
36 Peel & Stick Totem Pole Decals (up to 2.375x2", 6x5cm)
2 African Masks (11x15", 28x35cm)
8 Sheets African Textile Paper (8.5x11", 22x28cm; 8 designs)
1oz Pointillism Pieces (.75", 2cm)
Colors and patterns may vary

84 pieces plus guide.

For ages 3+