Wildlife of North America Card Game

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316zz Professor Noggin's Card Games (set of 11 games)

Discover traits of animals that live in a natural, undomesticated state. Learn about what they eat, how they protect themselves, and what senses they rely on the most. Card topics include: Alligator, Bald Eagle, Barn Swallow, Beaver, Bighorn Sheep, Bison, Black Widow Spider, Bobcat, Bullfrog, Catfish, Cougar, Desert Tortoise, Flying Squirrel, Gila Monster, Grey Wolf, Grizzly Bear, Little Brown Bat, Manatee, Massasauga Rattlesnake, Moose, Oak Trees, Polar Bear, Porcupine, Pronghorn, Raccoon, Red Fox, Skunk, Walrus, Whooping Crane, and Yellow-Bellied Marmot.

Ages 7 and up. 2 - 8 players.