• A young boy looking through binoculars and a girl smiling while holding a flowering plant.
  • A female teacher leading 5 students walking through a field.
  • Three students working in a garden
  • A female teacher and student looking through a magnifying glass while out in the field.
  • Male teacher showing 2 girls the contents of a water sample while out in the field.

Nature Craft Projects, Products & Kits For Children

Nature-Watch provides educational nature products and craft activity kits designed to teach children about nature. Since 1987 Nature-Watch has provided environmental science curriculum and nature craft projects to thousands of schools, camps, museums, nature centers, park and recreation programs, zoos, libraries, after-school programs, scouts and many others. Our hands on educational materials and crafts engage, enlighten and enliven the learning experience for children while being a great resource of nature instructional materials for indoor and outdoor educators. Everything on our website is fully guaranteed. We wouldn't have it any other way! 

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