Rattlesnake Craft Activity Kit

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Nature-Watch Exclusive!

Our Rattlesnake Activity Kit is a perfect example of how we've made learning fun and hands-on! Kids make a rattlesnake that really rattles as they learn about these amazing creatures. Twist our rattlesnake-colored pipe cleaners into a rattlesnake head, attach a special vial filled with some popcorn kernels, apply some appropriate coloring and you have a rattling rattlesnake! We even include ribbon for a special snaky tongue.

Ages 6 and up.

Unit Goals and Concepts:  

  • Find out about the features of rattlesnakes that make them so fascinating.
  • Learn about a variety of different rattlesnake species.
  • Play and participate in fun rattlesnake activities.
  • Create a rattlesnake project.

Materials Included:  

  • Pipe cleaners, "tail vial", ribbon, popcorn kernels, and rattlesnake "head" cutout for each participant.
  • Our exclusive instructor's activity guide that is filled with fun facts about rattlers along with games and other snake-related activities.
  • The only materials you provide are markers or crayons and tape or glue.
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