Rainforest Seed Bracelet Project

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Nature-Watch Exclusive!

As part of a "fair-trade" project that provides employment opportunities for under-served women in the rural areas of Costa Rica, this Nature-Watch activity gives children the chance to create a bracelet or necklace from a variety of colorful rainforest seeds. Women sustainably collect and drill these seeds and in return receive fair and living wages.

Comes with enough seeds and lacing string to make 25/100 projects. Great for kids ages 5 & older.

Please Note:  There are 3 unique types of seeds included in each kit. Seed size, color and shape may vary significantly from photo and will likely be different in each kit.  The Rainforest provides a wonderful variety of seeds with availability that changes from season to season and from year to year.  There are approximately 275-300 total seeds per pack of 25, so there are enough for about 11-12 seeds per bracelet.

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