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Contains 12 slides (2 sets of 6) with 48 total specimens of pollen & spores, textiles, insects, tiny creatures, animals and plants. 

Set 1 includes:

  • Animals - Goldfish scale, Hare hair, Camel hair, Feather fowl point
  • Plants - Pine wood, Camellia leaf section, Bamboo shoot, Sponge gourd
  • Insects - Leg of butterfly, Wing of butterfly, Wing of locust, Leg of honey bee
  • Textile fibers - Hemp fiber, Silf stuff, Cotton fiber, Bemberg
  • Tiny Creatures - Plant louse, Fruit fly, Shrimp egg, Silk worm larva (moth)
  • Pollen & Spore - Pollen of lily, Sunflower pollen, Bottle brush spore, Fern spore

Set 2 includes:

  • Animals - Cat hair, Canary feather, Dog hair, Sheep hair
  • Plants - Stem of corn, Leaf of nerium, Onion rind, Silver berry scaly hair
  • Insects - Dragonfly wing, Worker bee wing, Bee antenna, Bee abdomen
  • Textile fibers - Panya, Nylon, Wool, Handmade paper
  • Tiny Creatures - Common red sponge, Angora rabbit hair, Ant, Mouse fur
  • Pollen & Spore - Tulip Pollen, Leaf spore, Pine tree pollen, Orange pollen

Grades 3+

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