Pocket Microscope - Handheld with slide and phone adapters

ITEM #524p
  • Incredible 100x - 250x Zoom
  • Pocket Sized - Small and Light
  • View directly through the eyepiece or connect your smartphone
  • Take pictures or videos with your phone
  • Requires just one AA battery (not included)
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This is an extremely powerful LED lighted pocket microscope that contains a unique flip-down slide base with an aspheric lens system for ultra precise image quality. The high power magnification ranges from 100x-250x power. It contains a built-in UV flashlight that is perfect for detecting counterfeit currency, nectar mapping and so much more. Look through this small powerhouse with your naked eye or attach a smartphone using the included clip to see your discovery on your phone's screen (and even take a picture of it). The portable microscope requires 1 AA battery (not included). It comes with 1 starter slide with cover slip and a wrist strap for convenient portability.

Use the smartphone clip to take pictures and record video of your subject matter using the built-in camera application on your smartphone. Then, share your images and videos on social media or email/text them to family, co-workers and friends.

The smartphone clip will work with most smartphone models in the marketplace including iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG and more. Thicker cases like Otterbox style cases may need to be removed before attaching the clip. This pocket microscope is a great, cost effective educational field microscope for multiple hobbies, tasks, learning and exploration.

Fits all phones. For specific information on your model, visit:

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