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A great way to explore the Plant Kingdom, grouped by:

Non-Vascular Plants

  • Bryophyta (Liverworts, Hornworts, Mosses)

Vascular Plants (Tracheophytes)

  • Rhyniophyta (Rhynie Flora)
  • Zosterophyllophyta (Zosterophylis)
  • Trimerophytophyta (Trimerophytes)
  • Lycopodiophyta (Trimerophytes)
  • Pteridophyta/Filicophyta (Ferns)

Seed Plants (Spermatophytes)

  • Pteridospermatophyta (Seed Ferns)
  • Gnetophyta (Gnetophytes)
  • PinoPhyta/Coniferae (Cone-Bearing Plants)
  • Equisetophyta (Horsetails and Scouring Rushes)
  • Psilotophyta (Whisk Ferns)
  • Cycadophyta (Cycads)
  • Magnoliophyta/Angiospermophyta (Flowering Plants)
  • Ginkgophyta (Ginko Tree)

Laminated, 24" x 36"

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