Our World in Pictures: Rocks & Minerals Flash Cards

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655e Our World in Pictures Flash Cards (Set of 4)

Packed with over 100 fun flashcards, you can discover the world’s most precious objects, with rocks, gems, minerals and more!

Earth's extraordinary minerals, gems, shells, and fossils are all on dazzling display in this essential visual deck of fascinating flashcards for children aged 9+. Our World in Pictures: Rocks & Minerals is an indispensable guide to the natural world’s most remarkable treasures, featuring stunning pictures and fast facts that will allow curious young learners to grasp a wealth of knowledge in a fun way!

Each card contains snappy and accessible information, displaying each rock or mineral in dazzling detail. The front of the card will show the rock with a clue of what it is. The back reveals the answer, plus a dataset of essential information, ensuring you can recognize sedimentary from sandstone, metamorphic from marble, and pyrite from pearl. You’ll discover the unique qualities of each material, together with how it is used in art, industry, architecture, and science.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to dig deep and discover:

- The pack shows 111 rocks and minerals from across the world
- Data set on the cards includes fast facts about hardness, structure and specific gravity
- Bold and eye-catching images highlight the main features of each material and how it is used
- Cards are two-sided, laminated, and packed in a durable cardboard carton

Our World in Pictures: Rocks & Minerals is packed with information on the world’s amazing gems – from rainbow rocks and fluorescent minerals to priceless diamonds – to make you an expert in no time! You can use the cards to test your own knowledge, or how about using them to play a guessing game, quiz, or a competitive comparison game with a friend? Treasure seekers, get set to start your own collection with this engaging set of fun flashcards for children aged 9+.

Learn all about the world one picture at a time!

Deck measures: 3.31"W x 5.31"H x 1.8"D, 125 Cards

For age 9 and up

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