Nutria (Coypu) Skull Replica

ITEM #803e
  • Nutria/Coypu skull replca measures 147mm/5.8 in
  • Made of durable resin meant to be handled
  • Scientific Name: Mycastor coypus
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Mycastor coypus. The coypu (also known as the river rat or nutria) is a large, omnivorous semiaquatic rodent and the only member of the family Myocastoridae. Originally native to subtropical and temperate South America, it has since been introduced to North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, primarily by fur ranchers. Its destructive feeding and burrowing behaviors make this invasive species a pest throughout most of its range. Coypus live in burrows alongside stretches of water. They feed on river plant stems.

Nutria/Coypu skull replca measures 147mm/5.8 in.

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