Nature Watch Animal Track Panel (Large)

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Nature-Watch Exclusive!

This exclusive custom built track panel is a fabulous addition to any nature center! Showing the rambling tracks of deer, mountain lion, bobcat, raccoon, coyote, opossum, skunk and fox, this unique item was designed to create an outstanding display piece. Cast in durable resin. Measures 3 foot by 3 foot. Mount it on a wall or make a dig box, cover with dirt and have visitors brush the dirt aside to make discoveries! Great interactive visual aid.

North American Mammal Footprints 35.4in x 35.6in. Approx 3/4" thick.  Made of a lightweight resin/fiberglass so it weighs only approximately 15 pounds. Comes with hooks near top corners for hanging.

Note:  Since this is a special order item, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Shipping Surcharge: There is a $15 shipping surcharge on this product due to the size of the shipment.

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