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  • Full year of afterschool STEM Kits (35 different projects) includes curriculum and training
  • Hands-On, Project Based, Active & Engaged Learning
  • Easy-to-read scripted curriculum makes it easy to teach
  • All materials are included. Custom packed by school site for easy distribution
  • Nature Watch is the sole source
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Our Full Year of STEM Kits for Afterschool includes 35 different activities which allows you to focus on a different project each week of the school year!

OR, you can order kits individually by clicking here

Nature Watch STEM Kits are ideal for Afterschool. Our kits are hands-on and FUN for students and easy for afterschool staff to teach. You do NOT need a science teacher to lead these activities. Each kit comes with everything you need and includes an easy to read instructor's manual. Nature Watch is the sole source of this full year program and is the sole source of each of the included kits.

Kits typically included:

  1. Herb Garden Greenhouse Activity Kit
  2. Food Doesn't Grow in Supermarkets Kit
  3. Butterfly Feeder Activity Kit
  4. Hummingbird Feeder Activity Kit
  5. Weather Window Activity Kit
  6. Butterfly Garden Starter
  7. Animal Track Game Activity Kit
  8. Incredible Insects Activity Kit
  9. Honeycomb Candle Activity Kit
  10. Magnificent Metamorphosis
  11. Pressed Leaf Coaster Activity Kit
  12. Shark Tooth Activity Kit
  13. Tree-mendous Activity Kit
  14. Froggy Face Activity Kit
  15. Forests Forever Activity Kit
  16. Make Your Own Compass Activity Kit
  17. Rattlesnake Activity Kit
  18. Pocket Sundial Activity Kit
  19. Moon Phase Memory Game Activity Kit
  20. Bird Call Activity Kit
  21. Beat the Heat Neck Cooler Activity Kit
  22. Seashell Bracelet Activity Kit
  23. Water Cycle Wheel Activity Kit
  24. Eco-Bag Activity Kit
  25. Root Observation Station Activity Kit
  26. Create-a-Bat Activity Kit
  27. Solar System Activity Kit
  28. Spider Web Frame Activity Kit
  29. Star Seekers Activity Kit
  30. Starry, Starry Day Activity Kit
  31. Animal Track Identifier Project
  32. Mason Bee House Kit
  33. Flower Bookmark Kit
  34. Earth Day EVERY Day Binocular Kit
  35. Save the Bees Bracelet Activity Kit

If a particular kit is unavailable at the time you order we will substitute another kit of equal or greater value.

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