Moon Phase Memory Game Activity Kit

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Nature-Watch Exclusive!

Each participant makes their own Moon Phase Concentration Memory Game!

Since ancient times, people have been captivated by the moon. The moon influences ocean tides and has impacted our culture through calendars, mythology and art. Children are introduced at an early age to moon phases – the cyclical change that occurs to the illuminated portion of the lunar surface as seen from earth. While the phases repeat in a predictable pattern, they can be challenging for children to memorize. Our Moon Phase Memory Game Activity Kit is a fun, easy way for kids to learn about the moon and about moon cycles!

Each participant makes their very own Moon Phase Concentration Memory Game. We’ve printed high resolution digital images of each of the 8 moon phases on to one set of stickers, and the corresponding name of each phase on to another set. Affix the stickers to the game pieces and your game is ready to play! Flip over 1 black colored game piece and 1 white colored game piece – does the image of the moon on the black piece match the phase name on the white piece? If yes, you found a match! If no, turn them back over and try again! (If you aren’t sure, that’s OK! Participants also assemble an answer key that they can use to help them learn the phases while playing the game.)

Our kits come with everything needed to assemble the game as well as a detailed Instructor’s Guide to help you deliver the educational content. Instructors appreciate the educational value and ease-of-use of Nature-Watch kits. Children think they are FUN! What a wonderful way for kids ages 7 & up to learn about the moon!

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