Minerals Clever Catch Ball

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How Clever Catch Balls work: What better way is there to reinforce learning than to make a game of it? That's just what Clever Catch Balls are all about. When you catch the ball it's your turn to read and answer the true / false, multiple choice or fill-in the blank question under your left thumb. Students can quiz themselves by tossing the ball up in the air and catching it or they can play in small groups or teams. Simply blow up the ball and watch as the learning comes alive! Comes with an answer key and a repair patch (just in case!). Clever Catch balls don't contain latex. Ages 5 and up.

Sample questions: Quartz is the main ingredient in which common material? Name the hardest of all minerals. Name the gray mineral used in pencils.

Questions geared towards grades 6 - 8.

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