Mason Bee House Activity Kit

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  • Teaches children about the importance of protecting pollinators
  • Learn about native bees
  • Each child gets to make and take home their own Mason Bee House
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Nature-Watch Exclusive!

In our continuing effort to provide bee friendly hands-on activities designed to teach children about the importance of protecting pollinators, we are excited to share our Mason Bee House Activity Kit!

While we are all familiar with honey bees (which are not native to the United States), most of us are less familiar with native bees, including Mason Bees. Mason Bees are solitary, they don’t swarm, and they rarely sting. While Mason Bees do not make honey, they are excellent pollinators! Native bees pollinate approximately 75% of the fruits, nuts and vegetables grown in the U.S.

Mason Bees like to nest in holes. In nature, they find hollow stems or holes made by insects in dead wood. Since all they need is a safe hole within which to live, we can build homes for Mason Bees and help their population grow. In turn, they will continue to pollinate which is critical to our food supply.

Each child gets to make and take home their own Mason Bee House! Hang the house in a sunny location  facing south or south-east and soon you’ll have inhabitants to observe. Nature-Watch Kits include everything you need to assemble the kit and an activity guide loaded with educational content for the instructor to share with children.

Great for kids ages 5 and up.

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