Leaf Replicas of Eastern United States Trees (60 Replicas)

ITEM #306e
  • 60 vinyl, life-like leaf replicas
  • Specimens representing 52 species of trees east of the Rockies
  • Cast from molds made from real leaves
  • Species identified on an information sheet (included)
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Includes 60 leaf replicas representing 52 species of trees east of the Rockies. These remarkable replicas were cast from molds that were made from actual specimens found in the field (some are from young or smaller specimens for easy handling). Species are identified on an included information sheet.

A great tool for studying leaves and trees without disturbing the natural habitat.

The 52 species included are:

American Beech
American Elm
Balsam Poplar
Black Willow
Blue Spruce
Bitternut Hickory
Black Birch
Black Cherry
Black Locust
Black Oak
Black Walnut
Blackjack Oak
Bluebeech (Hornbeam)
Box Elder
Bur Oak
Choke Cherry
Eastern Hemlock
Honey Locust
Jack Pine
Kentucky Coffee Tree
Large-tooth Aspen
Live Oak
Mountain Laurel
Northern Red Oak
Paper Birch
Pin Cherry
Pin Oak
Quaking Aspen
Red Bud
Red Cedar
Red Maple
Red Pine
River Birch
Scarlet (Jack) Oak
Scotch Pine
Scrub Oak
Silver Maple
Slippery Elm
Sugar Maple
Swamp White Oak
Sweet Gum
White Ash
White Oak
White Pine
Yellow Birch

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