Firefly Insect Craft

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Nature-Watch Exclusive!

Kids are so amazed by insects and other arthropods! Did you know...

  • Cockroaches can live without their heads for 9 days.
  • The largest spider has an 11" leg span.
  • 95% of all animal species on earth are insects.
  • Fleas can jump a man's equivalent of 900 feet.
  • The Anopheles mosquito, carrier of the malaria parasite, is responsible for one half of all human deaths, other than wars and accidents, since the Stone Age.

Insects are unusual, amazing, strange, cool, weird, and unique - no wonder children are so fascinated by them! Our Incredible Insects Activity Kit increases awareness of "bug life" as young entomologists learn to identify the major groupings and the similarities and differences between insects and other arthropods. Our Incredible Insects Activity Kit provides a "glowing" firefly craft to reinforce the learning and includes everything you need! Each participant decorates a body and wing pattern, applies antennas and inserts a glow stick. Turn out the lights and you have a fantastic firefly!

Ages 6 and up.

Unit Goals and Concepts:

  • Increase awareness of various insect life forms.
  • Define arthropods and determine major groupings.
  • Find out what differentiates insects from other arthropods.
  • Create a glowing firefly.

Materials Included: 

  • Materials for making your firefly... a glow stick, plastic bottle and cap, wing patterns, wiggle eyes, craft wire for antennae and pipe cleaners for legs.
  • Tacky glue.
  • Our exclusive instructor's activity guide that makes planning the project easy and delivers loads of fun ideas for insect activities, games and relevant projects. Also includes a reproducible worksheet for your participants.
  • The only materials you supply are markers or crayons, and scissors.
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