Homemade Honeycomb Candle Activity Kit

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603w The Bumblebee Queen Book
Nature-Watch Exclusive!

Make your own honeycomb candle!

Taste real honey made by bees!

This amazing Nature Watch Activity Kit appeals to each of the 5 senses! If it's one insect that kids know a little bit about... it's bees. But most kids only know about the part that hurts! Honey bees are fascinating creatures to study and they play a critical role in our food chain.

Ages 4 and up. This kit contains real honey. Please be aware of any participant who may be allergic.

Play Video Button    Video: Step by Step Assembly

Unit Goals and Concepts:

  • Learn about the colonies that honey bees live in and the role that workers, drones, and queen bees play.
  • Discover how bees make honey and honeycomb, and what they use it for.
  • Feel a piece of honeycomb and taste real honey!

Materials Included: 

  • Honeycomb squares and wick for each child to make their own beautiful, natural 4" honeycomb candle from.
  • Individual wax straw packets of real clover honey for each child to taste.
  • Our exclusive instructor's activity guide that contains everything instructors need to teach about honey bees-plus ideas for additional projects, a reproducible activity sheet, some simple recipes that include honey and lots of fun facts

Note: Honeycomb becomes brittle if it gets too cold and melts if it gets too hot! This is a great project for indoor or outdoor environments with temperatures between 70-95 degrees. Honeycomb can be warmed with a hair dryer to regain its elasticity if needed.

Companion Book:

Looking for an educational storybook about honeybees to introduce this kit to your students? Click here.

The Bumblebee Queen Book. Item Number 603w.

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