Herb Garden Greenhouse Activity Kit

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Start your very own herb garden at any time of the year! For thousands of years, herbs have been grown both to flavor foods and, in many cultures, for their health benefits. Our Herb Garden Greenhouse Activity Kit provides everything you need for each child to grow 4 different herbs in their own little greenhouse. Participants compare and contrast the 4 different seed types (usually Basil, Dill, Fennel and Cilantro), monitor the time it takes for each seed to sprout, and learn a little bit about the health related benefits of each herb.

Nature-Watch kits make it easy (and so much fun!) to learn about nature. Simply soak the dehydrated soil pellets in water and then plant the seeds. The spoon-straws make it easy to place the seeds into the center of the soil pellet and then to “shovel” the soil and bury the seeds. Place into the greenhouse which is “earth friendly” because it is made from recycled water bottles. Apply the labels indicating the herb type on to the outside of the greenhouse in order to easily keep track of each herb. Place your greenhouse near a window, and (watering occasionally) watch as the seeds sprout into plants. When they reach the top of the greenhouse, they are ready to plant outside! The entire process takes about 3 weeks…but one of the seeds will sprout within the first few days. Can you guess which one?

Our Nature-Watch Activity Guide provides everything instructors need to teach about herbs. It also includes easy to follow directions. Great for kids ages 4 and up.

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