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Winner of the 2009 Family Choice Awards and recommended by the National Science Teachers Association, Growing Up WILD builds on children’s sense of wonder about the natural world and encourages exploration through scientific inquiry. Written especially for early childhood educators (ages 3-7), Growing Up WILD guide features 27 field-tested lessons that include over 400 experiences to share with students. These experiences involve concepts in science, math, vocabulary, art, music and movement, health and safety, and nutrition, and other subjects. With a host of hands on and interdisciplinary activities, young learners can explore plants, insects and wildlife while building school readiness skills.

Growing Up WILD features activities such as Wildlife Water Safari, Ants on Parade, and What’s Wild?, all of which feature crafts, art projects, snack ideas, music, conservation activities, and reading and math connections. Each activity is also aligned with NAEYC Standards, the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework, and the USDA's MyPlate guidelines for child nutrition. The guide also provides a host of copy-cat pages and parent take-home sheets that correspond to each activity.

Training for Growing Up WILD is available through a national network of training partners and sponsoring state wildlife and natural resources agencies. To get workshop information visit

2nd edition, paperback, spiral bound, 248 pages (format - 8.5" x 11")