Great Horned Owl Skull Replica

ITEM #806i
  • Great horned owl skull measures 6cm/2.5in
  • Made of durable resin meant to be handled
  • Scientific Name: Bubo virginianus
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Bubo virginianus. The great horned owl is native to North and South America. It is the most widely distributed owl in these regions. Adults are typically 22 inches long with a 50 inch wingspan! Owls are the only birds with flat faces and both eyes in the front of their heads. They have incredible vision, yet they can't move their eyes. That's why their necks can turn almost 270 degrees. These phenomena can be best explained when looking at and studying this accurate reproduction of an actual owl skull. Great horned owls make that familiar "hoo hoo" call when communicating.They are excellent predators, commonly catching and eating rabbits, squirrels, mice, vole, and rats.

Great horned owl skull measures 6cm/2.5in.

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