Funky Faucet Science

ITEM #428h
  • Discover what's in your tapwater
  • Learn through activities and games
  • Ages 8 and up
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Explore what's coming out of your funky faucet! Test tap water for pH, chlorine, hardness, copper, and iron. Learn while you laugh with Just for Fun activities including Make Your Own Lava Lamp and edible experiments like the Pollution Parfait.


  • 10 pH Wide Range TesTabs
  • 10 Chlorine DPD TesTabs
  • 20 Hardness T TesTabs
  • 10 Copper HR TesTabs
  • 10 Iron LR TestTabs
  • 4 Small Test Tubes with caps
  • 1 Big Test Tube with cap

Perfect for sink scientists ages 8 and up.

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