Feather Assortment Set (10 Feathers)

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This set includes the following 10 feathers:

  • Bronze Barred Turkey Quill Feather
  • Down Feathers from Waterfowl
  • Grey Goose Pointer Feather
  • Guinea Rooster Round Feather
  • Half-White Duck Pointer Feather
  • Lady Amherst Pheasant Red Top Feather
  • Ring Neck Pheasant Plumage
  • Ring Neck Pheasant Tail Feather
  • Silver Pheasant Tail Feathers
  • Peacock Feather (top "eye" portion only)

Each feather has been identified and individually sealed in a poly bag.

Also includes a Feather Diagram information sheet to explain feather structure and Feather Discovery sheet loaded with educational material about these feathers.

Please note: this is the same feather assortment included in our Birds of a Feather Activity Kit (#134) EXCEPT this set also includes the top portion of 1 Peacock Feather (the full kit includes 25 or 100 full length Peacock Feathers.)

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