Fandex Kids: Dinosaurs

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630z Fandex Kids Set of 4

Enter the world of dinosaurs and meet some of the most amazing creatures that ever walked the earth with Fandex Kids: Dinosaurs, a lively deck that’s packed with facts.

Meet the airborne giant, Quetzalcoatlus, with a wingspan the size of a small airplane. The meat eaters: T.rex, Giganotosaurus, and Allosaurus, who could sprint more than 20 miles per hour—try outrunning that! Or the Compsognathus, a fierce, turkey-sized hunter with three-fingered grasping hands perfect for snatching prey.

Each dinosaur is illustrated in bold, lifelike detail and includes information about its size, habits and habitats, plus dino bite-sized fun facts. This deck features 48 amazing dinosaurs.

This grommeted card deck includes 53 die-cut, full-color cards, including a glossary with key words. The deck measures 3”x9”.

For ages 8-12

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