Duckbill Dig Panels

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819c Duckbill Dig Panel A
819d Duckbill Dig Panel B

These amazing dinosaur walls are perfect for display or excavation. The two Duckbill Panels are each 4 feet square. When aligned, they include all the key anatomical elements of a real dinosaur as molded from an actual dig site. Each panel is made of the world's toughest resins and backed with 3/4" plywood, providing the perfect format for burying other fossils in sand on top of the dinosaur relief. These panels have never failed to inspire kids to learn more about dinosaurs. Panels set may be purchased separately or together (for a big savings!). Either way, we will crate and truck them to your destination to ensure no damage occurs in the shipping and handling of this extraordinary item.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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