Dissect-It Frog Lab

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282z Dissect-It Lab Set (Set of 4 labs)

The Dissect-It Frog Lab is a great STEM activity that gives the realistic experience of a dissection without the use of a real frog! It is made out of gelatin-like material that is absolutely safe for children. The Dissect-It Frog is a great alternative to real frog dissections because it does not release any odors like a real frog would!

The Dissect-It Frog features a complete skeletal structure and a full set of organs. Learn about everything inside a frog as you follow the instructions! The included pamphlet clearly goes over the anatomy of a frog and the functions of each organ.

This lab includes:
Dissect-It Frog
Dissection table
Plastic tools needed for dissecting the frog
Also included are 2 refill gel kits for more dissecting fun and better understanding each and every time you play and study!

Recommended for ages 6 and above.

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