Buccaneers/Pirate Activity Kit

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219q Pirate Certificates (Pack of 25)
219r Metallic Pirate Coin Replicas (Pack of 25)
x117a Velour Bag with Drawstring
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The first half of the 1800's saw the height of maritime activities. Sailors aboard these mighty vessels had to sustain long hours and rigorous manual labor. The most vital task was the knowledge of how to secure various types of knots. A poorly tied knot could threaten the safety of everyone aboard the ship. Reliving those colorful years is what's packed inside every Buccaneers/Pirate Activity Kit.

Ages 6 and up.

Unit Goals and Concepts:

  • Introduce participants to aspects of early sailing life and skills.
  • Improve memory skills through learning historical information.
  • Learn to tie simple knots and work together to link up rope.
  • Stimulate creativity and group cooperation via storytelling and song.

Materials Included: 

  • 25 pirate coin replicas and genuine certificates proving your young sailors have traveled far and learned a great deal.
  • Our easy to follow knot book, ropes and other knot-tying instructions.
  • Books and other resource materials.
  • A CD of songs sung by those salty dogs.
  • Our exclusive instructor's activity guide that makes planning the project easy and delivers loads of fun ideas for pirate activities, games and relevant projects.
  • The only materials you supply are markers and tape.

For groups larger than 25, simply add extra pirate coins and pirate certificates on to your order (see below).

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