Teach Science at Home, Even if You Are NOT a “Science Person”!

With Covid-19 forcing most instruction remote, teachers are doing all they can given the challenges they face. With limited time and less than ideal access to their students, Reading and Math have been prioritized. For elementary school level students, it’s critical that Reading and Math are front and center. However, as a result, many students are not receiving critical science instruction. It falls on parents and other caregivers to supplement what schools are able to provide and teach science at home.

Teaching Science Activities while Learning at Home

Nature Watch has always made learning about nature and science fun and engaging for children. But equally important, especially right now, Nature Watch also makes science easy to teach! Let’s face it, not all of us consider ourselves “science people” and some parents and educators feel ill-equipped to lead science activities as a result. Let’s change our approach! As parents of elementary aged children we are asked to step up and volunteer to: coach the soccer team, lead the scout troop, assist in the classroom, etc. As a youth coach or volunteer we don’t hesitate; we head out to the field with a few soccer balls and cones and we get the kids excited about learning a new game. It doesn’t mean we are qualified to coach an Olympic Team but we can definitely teach 7 year olds some of the basic skills and rules of the game.  

Recommended Craft Kits, Demonstration and Experiment Kits

With the right materials, we can think of science the very same way! Let’s get kids started with a science activity and allow their curiosity to guide their learning. We can learn alongside them, plus most quality teaching materials should include a manual providing simple instructions along with some key educational points you can reinforce along the way. The point is, you don’t have to let your “fear” of teaching science get in the way of keeping your child(ren) on track with science education even during the pandemic.

Nature Watch offers so many kits and products that make it easy to teach science at home. These Nature Watch Craft Kits are available in “single packs” (originally for homeschoolers, but hey we are all homeschoolers now!) and include an instructor’s guide complete with additional project ideas. Demonstration and Experiment Kits are a bit more technical than our craft kits, but are still not difficult to teach at home.

Some prefer to shop by themes such as Animals, Bees, Insects, Leaves & Trees, Life Cycles, Weather and so many more! These categories are loaded with projects that you can lead at home. No matter what science projects you decide upon, the most important thing is getting started. We need to continue to introduce children to the amazing world of science and nature!

Help Encourage The Next Generation of Scientists & Conservationists

Nature Watch helps children of all ages get in touch with their natural surroundings! With activities that foster a love of the outdoors and environmental sciences that can be initiated indoors and out, educators have trusted Nature Watch for over 30 years to provide the most engaging crafts and accessories to make learning fun.