Birdsong Identiflyer Lyric

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425m 2 Songcard Set
425n 3 Songcard Set

Identify birds using the Birdsong Identiflyer Lyric! Plays in 2 modes: song mode and lyric mode. Song mode plays the bird's song, which is useful for identifying songs in the field and to call in birds. Lyric mode uses words and phrases to help you connect the bird's picture and name to its song. Includes two 2-sided Super SongCards (containing 40 Eastern and Western songbirds). Also includes 3 AAA batteries. Has a kick stand for hands-free listening, and a port for headphones.

Please click on additional images (below the main image to the left) to identify all songs/calls that are included on each card.

Please note: only Super Songcards are compatible with this New Birdsong Identiflyer Lyric player; older Classic Identiflyer Songcards are NOT compatible.

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