Biomimicry Display Set

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From clothing for warmth to the first machines for flight, mankind has always gained inspiration from the world around us. This set of 12 examples shows just how much our technology has been inspired by nature.

Classic examples include Camouflage (inspired by Insects and other Animals), Hook and Loop Fasteners (the idea came from Burdock), Man-Made Fibers (a modern equivalent to the Silkworm), and Thermal Insulation (Feathers aren’t just for flying). More recent examples include: The lightweight but rigid properties of both Honeycomb Structures and the Structural Weaves inspired by a Venus Sponge – Self-cleaning Tiles that copy Snail Shell texture – Water-proof Glue that originated with Mussels living in tidal zones – Structural Colors inspired by the Peacock – and Swimwear that mimics Shark Skin. The set also includes two more examples of Nature-Tech under commercial development today - Reactive Fabrics that open and close like a Pine Cone – and Pearl-inspired Composites that are among the hardest of man-made materials.

Each example is explained in this series of 12, 6” X 5” displays. The full set is housed in a convenient 12" x 11" x 4" box.

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