Beetles Display

ITEM #506b
  • Includes 20 beetle specimens found in the US
  • Display measures 8" x 12"
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With over 350,000 described species worldwide, beetles are the largest group of organisms on earth.  Use this collection of 20 specimens to introduce your students to the variety of beetles found in the United States.  Species include an array of scarab, carrion, click, ground, soldier, ladybird, longhorn, flower, and other species.  Each specimen is identified to common name and genus and all are presented in an 8” X 12” riker display.

Beetles included in display:

  • Margined Carrion Beetle
  • Firefly
  • Ladybug
  • Click Beetle
  • Bess Beetle
  • Japanese Beetle
  • May Beetle
  • Shining Chafer
  • Dingy Ground Beetle
  • Big-headed Ground Beetle
  • Lined June Beetle
  • Soldier Beetle
  • Milkweed Longhorn
  • Green June Beetle
  • Prionid Beetle
  • Cucumber Beetle
  • Locust Borer
  • Grapevine Scarab
  • Masked Chafer
  • Colorado Potato Beetle
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